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Commitee Intercultural


The Intercultural Committee was started by the Municipal Council of Pioltello in the year 2000 to favor the mutual knowledge among the different nationalities on our Comune and to facilitate the participation of foreign citizens to the life in our city.

The Committee is a meeting point for the Foreigners Associations, The Municipality, the schools and volunteer movements operating for the expatriates. That' s why the Municipality helps expatriates to to start Associations to represent them.

The Committee reports to the Municipality Administration the problems , coordinates the Associations initiatives, expresses its opinion on the municipality , organizes actions, organizes cultural events and social projects in collaboration with the Foreigners Office of Pioltello.

The Intercultural Committee joins the the other existing Committees (Sports, School-Municipality) In encouraging the italian and foreign citizens to the democratic participation to the Pioltello Administration.



The Committee is NOT an office where to go asking to solve single problems, i.e. stay permit, housing or work permit: For these please go to the Foreigners Office.

The Committee is not an institution granting funds to the Associations either. It helps the Associations to get started and to access the Municipality and schools structures.



The Committee is composed by:

  • The Major or a Municipality Manager
  • A majority and a minority member as well as a member of the opposition on the Municipality Council
  • The Associations of foreign citizens in Pioltello
  • Volunteer Associations working toward integration
  • Pioltello Schools
  • The Area Healthcare Office - ASL Milano 2


The Committee has a President and a Deputy President elected by the Committee itself. At least one of them is not Italian. Since its establishment the Committee has had a foreigner for President. The expats communities represented by the Committee can be reached at:



If you are a foreigner and you want to participate, you must be part of an Association of at least 5 foreigners living in Pioltello. It is not necessary to have the same nationality. It is not necessary to register the Association with a Notary Public or other payment service.


The association must be enrolled with the Associations Registry of Pioltello.Registration is free and very simple: Just ask for the registration Form at the Public Relations Office of the Comune (URP) or ask for help at the Foreigners Office.



It is not necessary to register the Association with a Notary Public or other payment service. Once the Association is registered, choose a representative member and communicate his/her name to the Foreigners Office. This person will be invited anytime the Committee has a meeting. The Committee's meetings are public and usually take place at the city hall in the evenings.



Periodically, Intercultural Committee Consultants organize public meetings on cultural diversity subjects: peace, human rights and about Italian immigration problems. The following are main initiatives that took place in two and a half years of activity:

  • "Under the same sky" The rights denied to Afghan women, event in conjunction with Amnesty International and Emergency
  • A presentation during "Safety vs immigrants" convention at Martesana
  • A Public assembly between foreign citizens and the Municipality Administration
  • "Islam and the Western cultures: which future together?" A round table after Sept. 11. 2001
  • "The new Immigration Law" explanations about the Bossi-Fini legislation
  • "Foreign workers regularization" , information about the 2002 Amnesty
  • "Pioltello against war", a march through the city streets
  • "An asset for the community: foreign women labor". Convention with the collaboration of Caritas Ambrosiana



The intercultural Committee so far has developed some projects for the Municipality Administration:

  • An intercultural training project for the Pioltello schools to facilitate the integration of juviniles and the relationship with their families and teachers (the project started in 2001 and is still active)
  • A new space for meetings is available to Foreign citizens Associations
  • lCommunication and exchange with other Municipalities Intercultural Committees in the Province of Milan



Ask the Foreigners Office , in via Wagner, 21 Tel. 02 .

Or the Public Relations Office, tel 02.92.366.319

The Committee has an e/mail:

And can be seen on the Municipality Website at :

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